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Rena and Alex flew in from Santa Monica the week before their wedding.  We met at the Miami Beach Ritz-Carlton to walk through their wedding photography.

These silhouette images were created immediately after the ceremony.  Rena and Alex knew to walk strait to the beach from the beach side ceremony.  The timing was perfect and we caught the last light of the day.  My lighting assistants know exactly how to position themselves to enhance the silhouette process.

Photojournalism is what we do.  When you are not looking we take some of the days best photos. 

Alex went to break the glass when Jody, second photographer, put her 10mm lens under his foot to create this dynamic wide angle shot.  Alex told me he never saw Jody there.

Rena and Alex with their wedding party on the beach walk at the Ritz Carlton Miami Beach

We met Rena at her brothers wedding where she was a brides maid.   Here she is waiting with the groomsmen who will be escorting her down the isle for the ceremony.  Jody is our fun and crazy photo expert.  We love what we do and it shows in our final product.


After all, your wedding day is suppose to be fun.  We take a directional laid back approach that creates more exceptional images and keeps you and your wedding party looking forward to the next shot.


When Jen told me she was a Radio City Music Hall Rockette

I knew she was going to be one of my favorite brides of all time.  Expression, body language and a great attitude worked perfect for my team and I.  The wind was not blowing so I had one of my assistants hold her veil out and throw it in the air for this shot.

We start early, creating as many unique images before the guest arrive is ultra important.  Whether you are going to see each other before the ceremony of not there are scores of important images that are best to take before because these images are impossible to create after the ceremony.  In order to take advantage of the beautiful entrance to the Hillsboro Club the brides maids are detailing Jennifer's dress before the ceremony.  Photojournalism is both posed and that which occurs naturally.  This shot would never have taken place naturally so we, quickly and efficiently, place each person.

The grooms party photography is always best before the ceremony.  If your groomsmen take a double role as guest escorts they will be occupied the moment your guest start to arrive.  Traditionally we start by photographing the bride and her party but the guys need to be ready at the same time just in case there are last minute complications with hair, dress or makeup

These posed candids have been a favorite of brides and grooms for my 30 years experience.  Lighting, mood and placement that only a seasoned professional can bring out of a couple who have hundreds of people waiting for them just one room away.  My team and I provide that expertise.

If you ever wanted to show your game we give you the chance of your life to show it off.  Most brides take a ground pose but Jennifer had the stuff to achieve air.  The enthusiasm of my photographs are a direct result of the enthusiasm brought to the job by my team and I.  All of my staff has worked with, not for, me over 10 years and we are have the right stuff to create incredible images that will make your proud.









Jackie and Will  fell in love with the architecture and fell of the Mondrain South Beach.  When I walked in I knew why.  Such unique looks don't come along every day.  This image was created with me on the second floor using a radio transmitter synchronizing with my two lighting assistants in just the right positions to light Jackie and will  and not be in the photograph.




Being the official Photographer at Boca Center for 6 years now, I was very excited when Marci and Landon called to discuss their wedding photography at the Boca Raton Marriot, a part of Boca Center.  The portrait to the right was taken at Rolling Rock Park in Jupiter Florida just down the street from their new home.

The 400mm lens with heavy tripod creates a look unique to photography.  The background naturally thrown out of focus and the subject crisp and sharp.  Here two different backlights create a rim of light to separate Marci and Landon from the background.  Using the natural evening light from the west to illuminate the couple with a soft flattering look that surely will go in their album.

The dance floor can get real busy after dinner. We are on top of all the moves and activities as they take place.  We create the memories that you didn't even know took place.


Boca Center is one of the best back drops for group photography in South Florida.  The Boca Raton Marriot is the venue to use if you love a fountain background.  Here my double lighting assistant technique creates a studio lighting feel for Marci and Landon's wedding party.


Debbie and Tyson

The ender shot of the album is ultra important.  One of my favorite shots is the silhouette.  It is always a shocker to the couple because I create this look in a normally lit room just outside of the ballroom doors.

We pay special attention to all the details.  The jewelry, the dress, the shoes and all aspects of the day that create special photojournalism





I used the warm light from the candelabra for Anna's veil.  a full size soft light source to light Anna's face and a second candelabra to light the background .

The most incredible head dress I have ever seen was made by Anna herself.  In order to  accent her  veil we created a dominant side lighting  scenario.  

Outdoor evening ceremony's are amongst the most beautiful of all ceremony's.  We always have our positions planned before the ceremony begins.  Many times during the ceremony I will be under the Chuppah next to the Rabbi or Minister.  We keep our positioning to the photography and out to the way of the parents and family who are present to enjoy the ceremony.

The angle of the light to the camera has every thing to do with the dynamic of the image.  Now add the  camera position on the floor and we have an image that did not exist by the naked eye.  We make these images happen all day long at your wedding.

What makes one action photograph better than another?  Is it the camera brand and model?  Now days it is often that a wedding guest has a camera the same caliber as mine or even better.  The answer is timing.  The anticipation of what the direction of light needs to be with moving objects are the factors that make action a challenge that my team and I have perfected to work for you.




Elisa is a true friend, she is from Panama and went to high school next to where I lived, Panama City Panama, in 1990. I always heard a high school band playing outside and it took on the feel of Fleetwood Mac Tusk at the time.  Elisa explained to me that she was in   that   very    band.      I   immediately   forgave   her.

The image on the right is of Elisa and her mother just before the ceremony.  I use Close up lens and lighting to create this style of image.

The beauty of the Loews Hotel is never ending.  the stairwell to the all coral sidewalks and extreme palm trees is all the right stuff for a South Beach Florida location with it all.  Here the brides maids walk up the beach to hotel walk way having fun.

Elisa picked the black Rolls Royce to transport her and Franscisco to and from

the church on the Miami River and Brickell Ave.  Here Elisa poses with the Rolls outside the Loews Hotel. Below the best man proposes a toast to the bride and groom in Ballroom A.  Our style of room lighting creates an soft even light that is clear and bright.





Heron Bay - Coral Springs

Tere and Eric chose the beach for their pre wedding portrait photography session.  The rocks at Deerfield Beach are some of the best posing and scenic tools in South Florida.  It is best to plan for low tide days unless you don't mind getting wet to get to the rocks.

After walking around the outside of the ceremony in order not to create undue action, I caught the soft existing light coming as Eric watched Tere just before their wedding vows.  The ceremony took a special quality with the light coming in from the open rolling golf course to the left.  Here I have the camera on a heavy tripod to steady that same existing light.

I take anywhere from 1 to 2 thousand images every wedding.   Here I have chosen to angle the subjects with balance to the composition of which way their body language is moving.  Where kids are involved we understand that creating a special image of mom, bride, and son on the dance floor is just as important as bride and groom.




The Four Seasons of Palm Beach Florida is one of the best venues in South Florida for classical photography due to its long corridors with  windows,   great   posing   furniture   and    enormous    mirrors. 

We always bring a heavy tripod to settle the ultra telephoto feels that create a infinity in the background look.  The stairwell low angle is a great way to show off the detail in the gown.





As you already know there are hundreds of "how to" guides written on how to choose your wedding photographer.

It comes down to three elements that you don't need to read in a book.  theses elements are, is it the style of photography you are looking for, will the photographer be nice to your family and finally your gut instinct.



Double coverage on main events create unique looks.  Above is front and back simultaneous coverage of the toast. The image below left, by Jody, is from the ladder as Stephanie  and  Michael  are   leaving  the  reception  from the inside of the Lago Mar foyer as  I   wait  outside   for  the  same  moment  to  happen.




A virtual disc jockey and master of ceremony convention.  When Boogie Brent, a long time DJ friend, asked me to photograph his wedding I knew this would be the dance floor extravaganza of all time.  I was right, the dance floor was never empty even when the Prime Rib and Sea Bass were being served.

Boogie was  the  first  groom  to  take my  ladder  and  make  a  tool  out  of  it.  Of   course   Boogie   has   exceptional speaking   abilities   and   made   me   proud   to   provide   his   platform.

Congratulations Michelle and Brent










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