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The farthest I have traveled for a photo shoot was Kuala Lumpur.  My sponsor ,Digital Media Network, chose my services for my 18th shoot with them and my third intercontinental photo shoot under their sponsorship. 

 I took 7 thousand photographs in a 8 day period.  Each evening I prepared all of the images from that day, backed it up on DVD and uploaded to DMNI back in Fort Lauderdale as a secondary backup.

The Petronas Towers are a marvel to take in.  There are so many angles to approach but this image is one of my favorites because of the city element.  I took this image from the  back seat of a motorcade limo.  During my 9 days in Malaysia I saw only 14 police officers,  what an incredible society to have respect within all ranks.  The buildings are all unique and the mass transit system keeps a city population of 7 million people on the move.  Visually, this city has more McDonald's than any city I have been globally.  I didn't get to a McDonald's there but I did make the Starbucks, the nicest one I have ever seen.

The national greeting and farewell of Malaysia is the right hand over your heart and a slight bow.  One night I went alone to the hotel bar, I gave this greeting to the manager.  He stopped and repeated.  when I went to leave he held his hand up and the entire establishment went silent as he gave me the national farewell, I returned the gesture.  It was one of those moments you never forget.







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