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The ride on the enormous ferry to Vancouver Island is scenic.  Bouchart Gardens cannot be missed on this excursion. These gardens are so unique that they will be in the back of your mind forever.  This image of a private plane, with endless wilderness down that path of water, always intrigued me to be a place I could be satisfied to live.  Please understand, I knew that being this photo was taken in August that I might not feel the same about living there in the winter months..

If you ever want to go to a place in the far north that you can picture yourself living there, Vancouver is the place.  Of course the winter Olympics were there just a few years ago and you may remember this image as the backdrop of the evening news from many networks.  This is the view from the Pan Pacific hotel.  I was lucky to comp this room before a cruise to Alaska.  The cruise ships park there, at the Pan Pacific Hotel, as well.



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